About SmartDPV

SmartDPV is an association for the promotion of underwater scooters and their retrofit, registered in France under the reference W442026582.

Passionate divers, we build products and services with an eco-responsible goal to limit our impact on the environment.

The mission we are leading :

  • To reduce the noise impact to preserve the quietness of the underwater world
  • To reduce power consumption, less charging, more distance
  • To offer a monitoring system to adapt its pace to the environment
  • We sell our products to finance the association and research
  • We bring a particular care to the after sales service, result of our commitment

A team of divers and technicians

Through our professional activities we cover all the skills required for the design, development and distribution of products.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information or for the "retrofit" of scooters which would not be in the catalog.

The association and its partner

We have a special partnership with the company ExplorerTechnologyLLC which distributes the technology in the United States.

When products are purchased from ExplorerTechnologyLLC, the terms and conditions, support and warranty of ExplorerTechnologyLLC apply.